Body Lotion

What’s the difference between Body Lotion and Body Butter?

The consistency. Body lotion is not as heavy as body butter due to a higher concentration of purified water. The lightweight consistency nourishes skin while absorbing quickly. For example, when applying lotion to legs you can immediately put stockings due to the quick absorption, whereas you would need to wait for body butter to absorb. Lotions are perfect for using more frequently than body butter due to it’s quick absorption rate.

Body butters are traditionally a mixture of butter (such as shea butter) and oil. Our body butters also include purified water for added hydration. With a thick consistency body butters are a perfect option in winter months to combat dry skin, however can be used year round. Due to its thickness body butter s better suited to pampering when you have time to spare as it may take some time to absorb.

Although the use of body butter or lotion comes down to personal preference both options provide nourishment and hydration to the skin.

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Showing all 4 results