About Essential Cosmetics Co.

About Essential Cosmetics Co.
Hi, I’m Skye, founder of Essential Cosmetics Co.

A few years ago my husband got unexpectedly ill.
Nothing major, by today’s standards his hospital visit
should have been over in 24 hours. But what should
have been a fairly routine procedure turned into 3
different hospital stays and an emergency operation.

Each hospital stay got longer and longer but eventually he was well enough to come home. Over the course of the next few weeks we both noticed the skin on his face change drastically. He’d always had normal to slightly oily skin but now it was dryer than the Sahara Desert. You could see the skin on his face was constantly peeling and the tightness and itching was driving him crazy. We tried a number of different store bought moisturisers but nothing helped, he said instead of soaking in they ‘sat on top of his skin’.

Around this time a friend started Sadie Oil, an essential oil subscription box. Neither my husband nor I bought in to the ‘essential oil hype’ but she gave us some to try. Following her instructions but not believing they would work, my husband was STUNNED at the difference. Both being pretty skeptical we thought it must have been a coincidence – maybe he was eating better, maybe it was something else…so he stopped his nightly routine. … And his face returned to its previous state. Again, he started using the oils each night before bed and again his skin returned to perfect condition.
With so many bottles of moisturiser laying around we started reading the ingredients and were surprised at the amount of un-pronounceable ingredients we were using. So, I started researching because I’m one of those people who research eveeeeryyything (just ask me the best way to hang a picture in a bathroom without drilling in to walls or tiles). I devoured every piece of information I could get my hands on, establishing fact from fiction, reading scientific studies and spending hours studying ingredients.

I knew from experience simple ingredients were working better for us than ingredients that we couldn’t pronounce. I also knew I wanted to share that knowledge with people searching for the same results we had experienced.

After some procrastination (and more research!) I started Essential Cosmetics Co – a small Australian business where we guarantee recognisable ingredients that you can pronounce (my favourite being macadamia oil, which assists with cell regeneration and is amazing for dry skin).

With both vegetarian and vegan friendly options available, we use only sustainable, plant based ingredients to minimise environmental impacts. Hand crafted in Australia, each item from the ingredients to the product labels has been purchased through another Australian small business. We are 100% cruelty free and will never test on animals. Offering complete transparency, ethical business practices and the utmost care and attention to detail, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service.

Put simply, we’re just passionate about providing you with effective, amazing smelling products your skin will love.

Located in Coffs Harbour on the mid-north coast of New South Wales our products are hand crafted in small batches to ensure consistent high quality and care.

Our goalWhat we’re aiming forWe’re big on small business
To provide affordable, skin care and cosmetics made with ingredients derived by nature, harnessing the benefits of essential oils. Essential Cosmetics Co. is transitioning to a ‘zero waste business’. Watch our products for changes to our packaging .When you support small business you support a community. We are proud to source our ingredients from other small Australian businesses.