About Essential Cosmetics Co.

Hi, I'm Skye, founder of Essential Cosmetics Co.

A few years ago my husband spent some time in hospital...

There were complications and his stay was longer than expected. An unexpected side effect was the drastic change in his facial skin. He’d always had normal to slightly oily skin but after his hospital stay it was dryer than the Sahara Desert. For quite a while we tried a number of different store bought moisturisers but nothing helped – his face was constantly peeling, he always felt like the products weren’t “soaking in” and he couldn’t escape the tightness of the dry skin. 

Around this time a friend gave me some essential oils to try. She explained how to use the essential oils with carrier oils and the benefits he would see. Skeptical, my husband relented and tried the oils. After as little as 2 days his skin had visibly improved. Of course, he thought it must have been a coincidence so he stopped using them. His skin quickly dried up again, driving him back to using the oils. For a second time, the results were really positive. 

Comparing the ingredients of the store bought moisturisers to the simplicity of the oils it began to hit home the amount of chemicals I was putting on my skin each day. From hand cream to lip balm to body lotion – everything had ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. Looking for natural alternatives slowly led to the creation of our own lip balms…. and then hand cream…. and then body butters….. 

...finally, Essential Cosmetics Co. was born.

Essential Cosmetics Co. is located in Coffs Harbour, Australia. Our products are hand made in small batches to ensure consistent and high quality.

Essential Cosmetics Co

Our goal

To provide affordable, skin care and cosmetics, made with ingredients derived by nature, harnessing the benefits of essential oils. 



What we're aiming for

Essential Cosmetics Co. is transitioning to a ‘zero waste business’. Watch our products for changes to our packaging from recycled PET to metal

We're big on small business

Supporting small businesses has such a positive impact, we’re proud to source our ingredients from other small Australian businesses.